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Hello! My name is Julie, I am French, mother of an adorable American little boy, and I work as a Consultant and Sleep Specialist.

Currently living in New York, I was trained as a sleep coach by Juliette Mouloudaud, the founder of “Fée de Beaux Rêves” (meaning “have sweet dreams” in French!). Juliette is a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant; she and her team have already helped more than 1,300 families in France.

As a coach, I followed the Sleep Sense Program under her mentorship, and I am now a Member of her Team.

I have been a Communications Strategist for more than 10 years. I’ve always had the pleasure to listen to my clients’ needs, to analyze their situation – weaknesses or strengths, in order to advise them and help them achieve their goals.

Today I would like to offer my personal and professional experience to your family. By teaching you beautiful sleep habits, I would love to bring back more peaceful nights, evenings and days to your home.

When I became a mom, I faced a whole new world of challenges, knowledge, sensitivities and responsibilities. My baby’s well-being became my priority and sleep was a major issue. My husband and I really figured it out when we hit a sleep regression that we could not manage the way we would have liked to, besides all our love and commitment.

We were then stuck in a vicious circle of a tiredness: a fatigued baby, a tired dad, and an exhausted breastfeeding mom. I thus decided to ask “Fée de beaux rêves” for help, and a peaceful, healing sleep quickly came back for everybody in our family.

I was looking for a coaching that was consistent with my positive parenting values and that would allow me to keep breastfeeding my baby. I understand how important a personal/ customized approach is, and I would love to let the magic happen in your family as well.

With time, you will even notice that you child’s sleep continues to get better. As parents, you will also be able to preserve your child’s good habits of sleep; you will allow him/ her to grow and bloom in better conditions.

In a world where asking for help can be seen as a weakness, it’s on the contrary very brave and responsible to call for professional help, especially for complex and sensitive subjects that are sometimes beyond our understanding.

I would be honored to offer you my expertise and my empathy, no matter how old your child is and no matter what obstacles you are facing regarding his/ her sleep.

If you just need to talk about it first, you can book a 15min call with me below.

With all my kindness,


Let me know about the specific situation of your child!

Email me to book a free 15 minutes call so we can discuss whether a consultation is right for your child’s specific situation and we will discuss first solutions.