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“Results-oriented, Structured, Clear and Supportive”

“Our 9-month old was sleeping like a newborn again, waking every 2 hours. He was unable to get to sleep without constant rocking, walking or soothing from either mum or dad. We were awake most of the night and it could take upwards of 40 minutes to put him to sleep at night. Naps were a nightmare.
Now, he sleeps all on his own and often wakes up and sits quietly in his crib. He also sleeps from 7-7:30pm-6-6:30am, sometimes making it past 7am! He still fights his naps but it’s all manageable and he sleeps for 1-1.25 hrs in the morning and in the afternoons.
The work we’ve done with Juliette has had an impressive and remarkable impact on everyone’s life, individually and as a family. The baby sleeps better and is happier during the day; mum and dad are rested and happier too!
Juliette has a method that really works! She is incredibly supportive and empathetic as you face a very challenging period. For us the biggest benefit was having the ongoing calls to be able to better interpret our son’s reactions and show us that progress was in fact being made. This gave us the encouragement we needed to remain consistent and follow through. I can say with certainty that we would not have followed through if we had found this method in a book (and we read all the books!).
I have already recommended Juliette to other mums I know. I was skeptical but I’ve become a huge advocate of her method and her service in particular. Thank you again for all your help!

Saphina, Andrew & Parker (9 month old)

« Gabin is my first child and like every new parent, I had a lot of questions about his sleep and it made me very nervous. After having my first consultation with Juliette when Gabin was less than a month old, told me how to have good habits to help our child’s sleep but also ours, whilst also taking the most of his awake time ! Truly amazing tips for the whole family harmony and well being ! »

Julie and Gabin (1 month old)(9 month old)

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