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Hi, my name is Juliette and my job is to help families get a full night sleep. I am the mother of three young children and I am a certified Sleep Sense Consultant. I have been trained by a famous US-based sleep specialist Dana Obleman. Her method, the Sleep Sense Program, has already helped over 50,000 babies and children around the world to sleep through the night and get restorative naps too. I know how it feels to have a child who does not sleep well, as I have experienced this very situation.

I know how it feels

I remember the mixture of anxiety, exhaustion and guilt that I felt when I used to put my child to bed, wondering how THIS night was going to be… One wake-up? One wake-up every two hours? More? Will I have some difficulties putting her back to sleep? Which state of exhaustion would I reach the next day? Does my child sleep sufficiently at night? Does it have to be that way? And why do my friends’ children sleep so well and I don’t even dare sharing with them my child’s sleep issues? What can I do?

I did a lot of research, asked around, read books, surfed forums & blogs… and finally decided to start a two-week program which literally changed my life.

And it worked!

I remember the first night my child slept through the night *for the first time of her life*. I must say I could not really believe what was happening. On that first night, I actually didn’t sleep well! I went to her bedroom several times during the night to check that everything was fine. And there she was, peacefully sleeping in her cot. It was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! And as a result, my child also was transformed during the day. Much happier, less cranky, not whining anymore and so eager to learn new things! She had received two priceless presents: sleep and self-confidence.

I can help you.

I can help your family get this well-deserved good-night sleep back. You have probably been given some advices from friends or read some ideas of methods on the Internet. I personally do not believe in one magical method that fits them all. Simply because your child is unique, your parenting style is unique and your family is unique. Instead, I propose to come up with a sensitive and personalised approach. I am not going to ask you to leave your child cry alone in his crib without giving him reassurance and support. Yet, I will guide you with a gentle approach which will bring your child to a much better sleep, and I will support you throughout the process.

After the program, your child will sleep beautifully all through the night! Can you imagine how your life will be? Your child will be well-rested, calmer with more positive energy for his new learnings and activities. The whole family will be spending more quality time together and enjoying those precious moments!

To learn more about how I can help your family get a good night’s sleep back, please call me for a FREE 15-minute telephone evaluation. This will give us a chance to discuss your child’s specific situation and come up with first ideas for a solution.

Let me know about the specific situation of your child!

Email me to book a free 15 minutes call so we can discuss whether a consultation is right for your child’s specific situation and we will discuss first solutions.